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Regatta in Odessa

July 28, 2013
Odessa, Ukraine

In fact, I witnessed not the racing itself, and even not the start as it was expected, but the waiting for the start. This was the most boring sport event I was watching this year. A boat "Генуя" has been provided for spectators. After boarding, we had been waiting more than forty minutes for anything to start happening. It was extremely hot on the top deck. Then, under a strange pretext, the organizers lured the press (video operators and photographers) off the boat. That day, as a part of celebration of Ukrainian Navy Day, it was planned to put a flower wreath onto the water. It appeared later that they are going to take pictures of our boat from the second one.

Press, Odessa


Flowers, Odessa


The sea is so calm that the dock and facilities of the Odessa port are reflected in the water as it is a lake.

Port, Odessa


The regatta start area is located next to the Langeron beach.

Regatta, Odessa


Regatta, Odessa


Boats USA 5795, USA 3767, GBR 1755.

Regatta, Odessa


Regatta, Odessa


Regatta, Odessa


UKR 734 "Одиссей", UKR 1473 "Викинг".

Regatta, Odessa


UKR 350 "Ариэль".

Regatta, Odessa


Yacht "Агат".

Regatta, Odessa


Regatta, Odessa


Regatta, Odessa


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