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Mac OS X

Creating a Terrain Model for Live Interior 3D (August 2014)
The article explains how to create a 3D model of sloped terrain to use it in a Live Interior 3D project.

Rails. The Missing Manual (April 2013)
The Rails game. Description and ways to play.

Finding Duplicates in the Mail Database (April 2012)
Finding and deleting duplicated messages and attachments on Mac OS.

Cannot Mount a Volume After Running TechTool Pro (March 2012)
A volume hasn't been mounted automatically. Here is explained how to mount it manually.

Adding Dictionaries to Easy XDXF Dictionary (January 2012)
Downloading dictionaries for Easy XDXF Dictionary from a local web site.

Transferring Mail Messages on Mac OS (November 2011)
Importing your e-mail messages after reinstalling the operating system, or moving to a new computer.

The "Find Finder Items" Action Doesn't Work (February 2011)
The "Find Finder Items" action relies on the Spotlight index. Find out what to do if search doesn't work.

Why Files are Much Larger than Expected (March 2010)
Metadata can be associated with your files. This information is stored as hidden files. Learn how to discover and manage them.

Bas-relief Text. Consider Details to Create Perfect Images (December 2009)
The second part of the bas-relief tutorial. It describes how to create more realistic images.

Image with a texture

Creating Bas-relief Text in Art Text (December 2009)
Two methods of the creation of bas-relief effect in the Art Text application.

Image with a texture

How to Clear the History of the Installed Software (September 2009)
The Mac OS operating system remembers the applications you have installed. Find out where this information is stored and how to force the system to forget about the installed apps.

Help the Tech Support to Help You (May 2009)
To have your software problems solved efficiently, you have to report about them in a certain way. Each technical support service may have specific requirements. This article gives a fundamental idea of what a bug report should consist of.


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